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Invitation printing

Invitation are ideal for any business, promotion or event, wedding, christening and birthday parties.

Here are some tips for working on our templates.

The Cog

Click or Tap the cog to see more option. Change the text size, font and colour. Upload logos and photos or choose image from our library.


Getting colours the same

To change a colour you click or tap in the colour edit box to bring up the colour selection palette. You will notice that in the edit box a code appears. This is the colour code for the currently chosen colour. To set the colour of another element to be exactly the same simply copy and paste the colour code.

Social Media Icons

Social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc can be added to single line text fields. The following codes inserted into your text will be replaced with the coresponding social media icons:

  • [facebook]
  • [twitter] [TwitterWhite]
  • [Instagram]
  • [YouTube] [YouTubeIcon]
  • [LinkedIn]
  • [Pinterest] [PinterestWhite]
  • [SoundCloud]

If there is no suitable fields to add your social media information on the template you like, let us know and we will add them in or create a variation of the template to suit your needs.

There are other icon and we will add more if you ask.
Try [smile] [sad] [happy] [wink] [football] [football-6] [blue-tick] [black-tick].

Paper weight (gsm)

Usually the greater the paper weight the thicker and more rigid the paper will be. Standard photo copy paper is about 80gsm and a quality business card is 300 to 400 gsm.
A paper weight over 130gsm (thin card) is classed as paperboard. 250gsm is a medium card.

Matt or Gloss paper

This is the finish of the paper.
Gloss paper is smooth, shiny and reflective. While matt has some texture to it and dose not produce any shine.


Gloss is favored when you would like the best reproduction of colours. If you have lots of bright and vibrant colours in your design then glossy will show them off to best effect.


Matt is usually preferred when printing larger items like poster that may be displayed under lights. This eliminates any glare. Since invitations are small and viewed while holding them is comes down to personal preference.

Paper size

Invitations are printed either A5, DL, A6, A7, 210mm square, 148mm square or 105mm square depending on the design. The design description may state what size it will be printed.

A5 Size

A5 is half the size of A4 which is you normal copy paper size. It will be 148x210mm.

DL Size

DL is a common invite and flyer size. It is 1/3 the size of A4 and fits into the common envelope size DLE. This is great if you want to post out your invitations without folding them to fit into envelopes. The size will be 99x210mm.

A6 Size

A6 is half the size of A5. A6 invites will be 105x148mm.

A7 Size

A7 is half the size of A6 and is 75x105mm.

Reviews, Comments and Suggestions

If you like our product why not tell your friends by adding a comment or review.

Also let us know your suggestion of how to make our products even better.

Invitation printing

Update any text, photo or logo elements in the design.
Delete any unwanted default text.
Click/Tap for more option (font, size, colours etc.).

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Price list

Based on the following options; Paper Type = 300gsm gloss. Excludes artwork.



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